An evening of jazz, soul, RnB, hyperpop and pop punk, by a group of up and coming young East/Southeast Asian musicians – showcasing their heritage, knowledge of different genres, experiences and backgrounds, creating a blend of west meets east.

Two members of the band, John Tianqi (http://ent.china.com.cn/xwtt/detail2_2021_11/22/3135516.html ) and GZ Tian (https://www.scmp.com/yp/discover/entertainment/music/article/3081660/chinese-english-rapper-gz-tian-speaks-about-asian), learnt to play Chinese musical instruments from a young age at the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra in Liverpool. With their dual heritages and musical background and upbringing, it is not surprising, when they met with a group of young East/Southeast musicians and singers, they are eager to create new sounds together.

You will be certain to witness a youthful vitality from this group of diaspora, bringing us to a new music era.


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