6th & 7th day before Chinese New Year


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On the 6th and 7th days before Chinese New Year called “Xiao Nian”. “Xiao Nian” does not refer to a specific date, as the date is different due to local customs. The main custom for “Xiao Nian” is to clean the whole house and worship the Kitchen Deity


  • Cleaning – cleaning the house is one of the customs before Chinese New Year. Everyone will wash and clean everything in the house from big machines, bed sheets to all corners of the house. This symbolises washing away the bad luck and poorness

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  • Worshiping the Deity of Kitchens – On the day, people will clean the kitchen, take the picture of the Kitchen Deity off the wall and burn it, then people will put a new picture up in the morning of Chinese New Year Eve. People will also put offerings on the table such as meat, wine, fruit and sweets with burning incense and fire crackers. It is said that the God of Kitchen will go to heaven to report all the good and bad things people have done.


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