“Celebration of Generation,” a performance that showcases the beauty and diversity of Chinese culture while celebrating the incredible contributions of Chinese music to Liverpool’s vibrant cultural scene over the past years.

As part of the Eurovision festival, this unique concert features a fusion of traditional Chinese elements and contemporary music, bringing together accomplished musicians from around the world. World-renowned Guzheng player Zi Lan Liao headlines the show, along with classical oboist Jinny Shaw from Halle and the dynamic and energetic Chilli musician Francisco Casscios.

In addition to these internationally acclaimed performers, ex-members of the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra will also showcase their traditional musical skills, adding a personal touch to the evening’s celebration.

The specially commissioned piece by Ian Stephens, “SiShi” (Forty), is a blend of European and Chinese classical music, perfectly capturing the essence of cross-cultural exchange and understanding.

The “Celebration of Generation” concert was a unique and unforgettable evening that perfectly captured the essence of cross-cultural exchange and understanding. It was a celebration of Chinese music and its impact on Liverpool’s cultural scene, and a reminder of the importance of embracing diversity and sharing cultural experiences.

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