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Liverpool’s immensely talented Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra (PCYO) has been invited to perform at the annual National Festival in Birmingham on 5 July 2012, following on from their successful appearance at the Regional Festivals where over 50,000 young UK musicians had appeared.

The invitation, from the national music education charity Music for Youth, provides a platform for the orchestra to showcase a shortened version of their latest piece, Jasmine Flower. Jasmine Flower is a fusion of Chinese traditional folk music with its lilting, poetic charm and an input of contemporary instrumentation to produce a ‘clash’ of musical genres which fit together in the most spectacular fashion.

The Jasmine Flower project arose as a result of orchestra members wanting to play more modern music as well as their traditional norm having worked with the world acclaimed musician Jah Wobble in 2008.

This musical feast of talent follows on from the incredibly well received Chinese Dub which was commissioned by Liverpool 08, both as a tour and studio album which won the Best Cross-Cultural Collaboration Category of the Songlines Music Awards 2009. Here Jah Wobble featured musicians and artistes from China and UK to produce a spectacular mixing of musical genre to produce one of the most interesting and eclectic experiences ever.

In Jasmine Flower, PCYO will mix Chinese folk, Grime and Dub in a unique and fascinating performance. John Wardle, aged 14, a musician with PCYO for ten years was one of the last members of the orchestra to participate in the Chinese Dub collaboration. John was inspired to try fusion himself but in the style of Grime. John has arranged and produced this piece and states, “I will make this piece in Grime/Dub Step style, binding in with a traditional Chinese folk song”. It works very well and looks as if Liverpool and PCYO has another huge musical talent to look forward to in the future!

Internationally acclaimed artist Evelyn Glennie will appear at DaDaFestival concert at Liverpool Philharmonic Hall on 18 August 2012. PCYO are delighted to be supporting Ms. Glennie where they will perform the full version of Jasmine Flower, joining PCYO on stage will be Liverpool Signing Choir who will be signing in both English and Chinese. An evening of perfect enjoyment is guaranteed.

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