The First Touch of Chinese Ink Painting
Press Release: First series of ‘Our Corner’
Pagoda Arts
c/o Pagoda Chinese Youth & Community Centre, Henry Street, Liverpool, L1 5BU

February 27 – March 12, 2012
We touch the elegant rice paper.
We twist the tip of the woolen brushes.
We let the ink and water connect and dance over the rice paper, our body moves with the rhythm, our minds focus on the spreading water trails.
We begin with no expectations and we finish with understanding and calmness.
To understand an art style is to understand another lifestyle.
Here is the first touch of a Chinese traditional art style from Liverpool!
Curator: Wei Gan
Wei Gan is an artist and a teacher of traditional Chinese Ink Painting in Liverpool.
The exhibition shows the amazing talent of my students. When looking at students’ beautiful paintings, it is difficult to imagine that they have only studied this art form as a hobby for one year. The artworks truly display the students’ strong passion and their understanding of a new and very different art genre.
The exhibition is open from 10 am to 4 pm, Monday-Saturday. Admission Free.
Liverpool has the oldest Chinese community in Europe and there is much pride in the history of this community. The Pagoda Centre was built in 1982 to serve the Chinese people and the local community in Liverpool. ‘The First Touch Of Chinese Ink Painting’ is the first of our new series – ‘Our Corner,’ where we will have a series of exhibitions and demonstrations on various arts forms about China, produce by our local people. (Chinese or non, young or old). Our next two series will be photography of China landscape and painting of Buddha.
For more information about ‘Our Corner’ exhibition, Contact: Zi Lan Liao 0151 233 8833, Fax: 0151 233 8839
Email: info@pagodaarts.org.uk

  1. A Student Reply

    What a lovely gathering this evening- it was only by coming onto the website that I realised this is the first in a series of exhibitions. Great news- I look forward to that .

    Thanks to the Pagoda for enabling us to exhibit there and to the volunteers for their continued support for maintaining a creative, community space for people in Liverpool and Merseyside to enjoy.

    • pagodaarts Reply

      Thank you for coming. Your paintings are lovely and everyone who come to the centre enjoyed looking at them, and all discussed about the paper etc. I think you have attracted many new ink painters. Our next series will be from a talented and imaginative young photographer, Bryn Davies, mulipilate photos he has taken while he was in China into Shan shui style. I am looking forward to it.
      I hope this will be his first, and when he return from China next time, we can exhibit more of his photos!

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