Meet Lucky Pigsy!

Commissioned by Pagoda Arts and sculpted by artist Barbara Disney out of 120,000 recycled ‘lucky money’ paper envelopes, using the combined efforts of over 10,000 volunteers and 30 organisations stretching from England to Hong Kong.

He took his home at the Museum of Liverpool, just in time for Chinese New Year 2019, on the 2nd of February , attracting over 82,000 visitors and representing the 12th animal in the Chinese Zodiac calendar.

Pigsy is the brain child of author ‘Wu Cheng’En’ who conceived him in the novel “Journey To The West” based on Buddhist monk Xaunzang; the monkey king Sun Wukong, Sha Wujing/Sandy and Pigsy/Zhu Bajie traveling to India to collect sacred Buddhist texts for return to mainland China. This journey Pigsy proves himself to be a troublesome and loveable character providing much comic support for his friends on their travels.

A special thanks from Pagoda Arts to; The Hung Gar Kung Fu Club, Brilliant Education Experts and all volunteers and organisations who helped make Pigsy become a reality, hopefully Pigsy will bring just as much joy, luck and laughter to everyone who visits as he did for his companions!

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