Our 4th instalment in the ‘Our Corner’ series in September 2012 -“Behind The Exquisite Fabric” features a short film by Glaswegian born artist Patricia Makinnon-Day; who, as well as being a reader in Environmental art atLiverpool John Moores University, still finds time to create socially charged art instillations. Her film is entitled ‘The 10-Minute Rehearsal’ featuring Chinese women of a certain age re-visit their youth, taking an opportunity to wear the decorative Qipo and to perform dances to music.

The exhibition also features stunning photographs taken by Bryn Davies on his recent visit to China, captured stunning images of elderly Chinese wearing multiplicity of costumes in their daily life.

These images reflect how the older generations of Chinese trying to keep up with their tradition in the fast modernise China

15 – 22 September 2012
Monday to Thursday, 1000 – 1600
Friday 1000 – 1400
Saturday 1000 – 1600
Sunday 1200 – 1600

Pagoda Arts
Henry Street
L1 5BU

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