''Pagoda Arts aspires to be a high quality organisation; to introduce Chinese Culture to a wide and diverse community and to develop our unique Youth Orchestra to be at the cutting edge of contemporary and classical Chinese and Western music''

Everyone who is involved with Pagoda Arts perceives the organisation like our logo, 众 – multitude. This Chinese character has many meanings: audience, listener, spectators or the public.

We are a big family for those people who have interest in Chinese culture.

All our learners are mainly from Merseyside, but we have learners come from Southport, Chester, and Telford.


• To provide a high quality and unique musical experience for young people

• To provide a cultural and historical context for Chinese music and performance

• To improve people’s understanding of Chinese culture

• To provide a healthy and  nurturing environment for people. (self-development / personal growth / self identity)

• To explore and extend the repertoire of the PCYO

• To train more Chinese culture workers for the future


About us