Cultural Awareness

We have a wide range of activities to introduce a wealth of Chinese arts and crafts using Chinese legends and festivals for inspiration and themes.  We provide workshops for primary and secondary schools, further education, team building and communities across the region.

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  1. Cultural context – Chinese history

  2. Calligraphy / Chinese Brush painting

  3. Paper cutting/Paper folding

  4. Citizenship

  5. Humanities

  6. Music/Dance/Drama

  7. Chinese cooking

Apart from offering educational workshops/events for schools (from the list), we also offer tai chi classes outside the Chinese community. At the moment, we are providing Chinese tai chi beginning class at the African Elderly Association.

Pagoda Arts is a registered Youth Arts Award centre.  Arts Award aspires to support any young person to enjoy the arts and develop creative leadership skills.

Arts Award can be achieved at three levels:  Bronze, Sliver and Gold. Gold Arts Award is our highest recognition of your abilities as a creative arts leader. At Gold level, you are working as an arts practitioner while broadening your horizons within the arts world. Working at this level will extend your creativity, communication, planning, teamwork and leadership skills, and you’ll achieve a nationally recognised Level 3 qualification. The Gold Arts Award is also recognised on the UCAS Tariff (35 points).

Since 2007, the Pagoda Arts has managed to help young people aged 11+ to achieve the Youth Arts Award.  2 of our arts award participants have achieved the level beyond the normal age. (Age 10 to achieve Bronze, and an age 12 achieved Silver).

  1. Bronze Arts Award is TCL Level 1 Award in the Arts (QCF) – 6 Credit (pre age 16, 16 – 18)

  2. Silver Arts Award is TCL Level 2 Award in the Arts (QCF) – 10 Credit (pre age 16, 16 – 18)

  3. Gold Arts Award is TCL Level 3 Award in the Arts (QCF) – 15 Credit , 35 UCAS point

With our outreach programme with the Youth Service, we helped 10 young people achieved the Bronze Arts Award. Our total: 35 Bronze, 7 Silver, and 7 Gold

If you are interest to take part with the Arts Award programme, or want us to plan a programme with your young group to achieved Arts Award, please contact  Zi Lan who is our registered arts award advisor (for all 3 levels). For more details about the Arts Award, visit their main website.

Arts Award Welcome Centre

Pagoda Arts is registered Arts Award Welcome Centre and we provide

free views on various Chinese culture performances, workshops and open day.

Pagoda Arts provides cultural workshops for people of all ages.