In April, Liverpool aroused up by the little giant, and her faithful dog Xolo, searching for her uncle in order to receive the letter from her father. After 100 years, they eventually met by the dock in Liverpool.  From the moment they woke up, the giants thrilled the many thousands of visitors that came to witness this once in a lifetime event.

Daisy, ex-member of the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra & Dancing group back in the 90s, captured the spectacular street theatre, the mood of thousands who poured in to Liverpool, witness the final moment when the three giants met and sailed away in the sea.

Here are the photos on net.[easyrotator]erc_20_1338663072[/easyrotator]

在4月中,小巨人和她忠实的小狗Xolo唤醒了整个利物浦城市,搜寻她的伯父,因为他送她父亲信来了。 经过100年的搜寻,他们最终在利物浦船坞见面了。  从他们唤醒的片刻,巨人为数以万计, 不同年龄的访客带来了兴奋, 想象, 把他们带回了童年。


Daisy 把所有的一刻都夺取在她的摄像机里。

Our 3rd exhibition will start from 21st May – 8th June,  10 am to 4 pm, Monday-Saturday, at the Pagoda Chinese Youth & Community Centre, Henry Street, Liverpool, L1 5BU Admission Free.


Liverpool has the oldest Chinese community in Europe and there is much pride in the history of this community. The Pagoda Centre was built in 1982 to serve the Chinese people and the local community in Liverpool.

“Sea Odyssey” is the third exhibition in the series “Our Corner”. We will have series of exhibitions and demonstrations on various arts forms about China, produce by the local people (Chinese or non, young or old).

If you want to take part with ‘Our Corner’ exhibitions, please contact: Zi Lan Liao

Telephone: 0151 233 8833  Fax: 0151 233 8839
Email: info@pagodaarts.org.uk

Also you can visit our website at: www.pagodaarts.org.uk

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