15th July, 7:30pm Tung‘s Auditorium

Jah Wobble’s Invaders of the Heart, Tian QiYi and Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra – Set to Create Captivating Fusion Performance in Liverpool

The upcoming collaboration between Jah Wobble, the King of Dub, and the Pagoda Chinese Youth Orchestra (PCYO) promises to be a sensational fusion of musical styles. On the 15th of July, at Liverpool’s Tung’s Auditorium, audiences will witness the extraordinary collaboration of Jah Wobble, along with PCYO alumni Tian QiYi, as they join forces to create a captivating performance.

Jah Wobble’s Chinese Dub project, which received critical acclaim, was recognised as the top World Album by Songlines Magazine in 2009, it was honoured with the prestigious Best Cross-Culture Collaboration Award. His reputation as a pioneer of dub music and his exceptional performances have garnered praise from both critics and fans alike.

Neil Spencer, from The Critics, commented on the success of Jah Wobble’s Chinese Dub: “The 20-strong troupe of Chinese musicians and dancers assembled and toured by bass supreme Wobble was one of 2008’s highlights…”

The PCYO established in 1983, under the visionary leadership of Mr. K.H. Li, has been instrumental in preserving and promoting traditional Chinese music among younger generations. Their commitment to preserving cultural heritage has made a lasting impact on Liverpool’s artistic landscape, particularly after the city’s recognition as the 2008 Capital of European Culture.

Tian QiYi, who were young members of the PCYO when the Chinese dub project started, have blossomed into exceptional musicians. Their latest album, ‘Red Mist,’ showcases their enormous potential and incorporates a mix of jazz, psychedelics, oriental influences, and more. They are a testament to the legacy of the Chinese dub project and the growth it has fostered.

Join us on the 15th of July at Tung’s Auditorium in Liverpool for a captivating performance that will bring together the legendary Jah Wobble, the talented PCYO alumni Tian QiYi, and the exceptional musicianship of the PCYO. This fusion promises to transcend boundaries and leave a lasting impression on the audience.

For more information and ticket bookings, please visit https://thetungauditorium.com/events/celebration-of-legacy

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